10 Aug A. B. C. . D. E. F. 25 Mar DESCRIPTION. Available in high power packages, the BTA/. BTB series is suitable for general purpose. AC switching. They can be used. BTAB datasheet, BTAB circuit, BTAB data sheet: STMICROELECTRONICS – 40A TRIACs,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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BTAB Datasheet(PDF) – Kersemi Electronic Co., Ltd.

The other wire bta41600b datasheet go to one of the load terminals, while the second wire of the load will go to A2 of the triac.

And Will it be safe? Very grateful bta41600b datasheet the attention and response. Here the minimum triggering gate current is 50 mA. Leave this field empty. Your email address will not be published.

Hello Hamid, you can get the full btz41600b under this article https: I think you should inquire with your local spare part dealer or in bta41600b datasheet local market for knowing exactly which one may be available…or you can also Google for the same and buy bta41600b datasheet online, any V amp triac will do the bta41600b datasheet in other alternative design too the triac will need to be amps as per the required specifications.

Yes it will be OK…but I would recommend an optocoupler bta41600b datasheet this, for example using a MOC optocoupler would make things extremely safe and accurate http: I want it to catch its speed slowly. Can u please suggest any other alternative with regular make. A1 should be always connected to ground. Thanks in advance Stefano. Bta41600b datasheet, the triac gate resistor is not so critical, dstasheet value between ohm and 2k2 should work.


Over kg daatsheet btab datasheet. Any help is appreciated! Please Sir help me with the circuit diagram.

ST Microelectronics

Buy 0 Inquiry 0. Hello Swagatam…It’s very nice info that I get. Swagatam, Can I use this circuit to make V dc from V rms ac after usinf triac and datashfet Use a large heatsink with the triac and make sure bta41600b datasheet the circuit always switched ON while the pot is set at the minimum side of the dial…onec switched Dayasheet then it could be adjusted to the required intensity.

Leave this field bta41600b datasheet. I guess this triac will not take the load bta41600b datasheet 40 amps, so it’s not suitable. Sir, btab datasheet for share your knowledge. Hi Swagatam How many watts do i need for resistor? Did not think my question would return. Bta41600b datasheet Celso, You can use the above design with V also, just replace the shown K pot with a K one.

Second sir my previous question was incomplete, let me complete it. This is for my headlamp on my bike. The lights should be resistive in nature, LEDs will not work an appropriately rated fuse could be added for the protection, other forms of protection may not be required.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You have made engineering so easy for me, more grace to your elbow. Thanks sir I have used 1 kilo ohm for the triac bt but still the square wave coming from the timer is stopping at one end of resistor help me this my project of daatasheet bta41600b datasheet of triac using bta41600b datasheet I have already used bta41600b datasheet which is working can you please show me the calculation of gate triggering resistor for any DC supply thanks once again.


If Datqsheet want to trigger bta41600b datasheet Triac with the mains AC then what should be the bta41600b datasheet value for v AC for 50mA gate current Second The speed of a motor or heater temperature is controlled manually by increasing or decreasing resistance, sir is it possible this thing happens automatically.

THe pin 3 resistor must be at least 1 K rated.

The speed of a motor or heater temperature is controlled manually by increasing or decreasing resistance, sir is it possible this thing happens automatically. Is it possible with bta41600b datasheet above circuit if yes then how?

High Current Triac BTA41/600B – Datasheet, Application Note

The gate should be connected with the desired trigger input which must be a DC, because the triac will conduct with every bta41600b datasheet positive edge of the DC trigger. Sir if I build the PWM circuit with ic as btab datasheet by you and control it with bta41600b datasheet separate 12dc supply and make these two supplies 12dc and Btab datasheet common and connect pin three to Triac gate will it do?

Sir I want my exhaust dagasheet AC to bta41600b datasheet its speed as the temperature in kitchen increases and decrease its speed as the temperature decreases is it possible with the above circuit.

Hi Hameed, you can use the following circuit https: How can you go on writing, replying to bta41600b datasheet occasionally stupid questions too!