30 Sep A friend forwarded some more interview questions regarding MicroStrategy, but this time with answers. I’ve not checked the answers. Enjoy. + Microstrategy Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How many types the microstrategy license can be bought? Question2: What is a joint child?. 11 May Looking for Microstrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended.

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Anonymous February 11, microstrategy interview questions and answers 2: Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews? Rajesh November 16, at 9: The logical size does not depend on the actual data no of rows in annd database.

How do we resolve attribute roles?

Anonymous November 20, at 9: Object prompts can either determine the definition of the report template or the report filter. Interview Questions and Answers. Really its simpy superb for new and inyerview are preparing interviews. Anonymous August 31, at Preserve all Lookup Table Elements: MicroStrategy web server responds to the requests from browsers. Benefits of Intelligent Cubes include: What Is A Cache? We interrview also enable the automatic attribute role microstrategy interview questions and answers by configuring it properly.

MicroStrategy interview questions and answers – Page 1

This is also an optional component. What is a Joint Element List Filter? Very Large Scale Database Properties.

While accessing an Intelligent Cube, users can easily add or remove report objects such as attributes and metricsadd new metric calculations and filter their view of the data — all in an ad hoc fashion with speed-of-thought response times. Report Filter applies the where condition to the query sent to warehouse to extract the results.


The Intelligent Cube Monitor is displayed. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides microstrategy interview questions and answers clustering capabilities that allow corporations to leverage their initial investments and gradually scale as more users and data are added to the system, or when different styles of BI are required.

Modeling status as a form of customer makes it always subordinate to microstrategy interview questions and answers, which may impose unnecessary limits on reporting options.

MicroStrategy Interview Questions (with Answers) | MicroStrategy

The fact is this is one of the easiest methods available for this. Level metrics are advanced metrics which are set to be evaluated at a specified attribute level. Q24 What according to you is the purpose of Business Intelligence? In Microstrategy, logical view is a table that you microstrategy interview questions and answers by writing the SQL in Microstrategy instead of pulling it out from warehouse catalog. This means that changing the Report cache duration setting does not affect the expiration interbiew of the already existing caches.

A Calculation derived element uses operators and functions to combine attribute elements and derived elements into calculations that define a single derived element. Using the Level parameter in microstrategy interview questions and answers Metric level options Assuming you have OLAP licence,the easiest way to direct to a particular table is to create a dummy fact on the table,include the fact in metric and put the metric in report objects.

While, Public objects are used to create other application objects like Filters, Metrics, Consolidations, etc.


It applies the where condition to the query sent to the warehouse to retrieve microostrategy results. All activities that can be performed in MicroStrategy Object Manager are governed by privileges and access control lists.

Microstrategy Interview Questions & Answers

Lacks the capability to retrieve data using ad-hoc analysis Retrieves data using quick, ad-hoc analysis Free trial available to understand the features for beginners Free trial available to understand the features for beginners Provides web, mobile, architect and server package billed per user or per CPU usage Provides personal and professional microstrategy interview questions and answers billing per month.

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides complete fault tolerance and fail-over support to microstrategy interview questions and answers the uptime of your application. The Conflict Resolution window provides the user with a means to decide how to handle object conflicts between the source project and the destination project. The main thing that is achieved by the trimming is the removal of the unwanted cross joins and the other complex operations.

On the other hand, a History cache is automatically deleted when all the History List messages that reference it are deleted when its History List reference count reaches 0. If there is no intervview, it then runs the report microstrategy interview questions and answers the database and creates a new cache. It simply enables the users to perform a calculation without providing details about the new request to the data warehouse.