Velesova kniha TU: ALEBO TU: OBJEDNAŤ. . 8 Nov I’ve read a lot of literature about the Book of Veles. . No, slovanské védy refers to the Book of Veles (cz: Velesova kniha) because of it’s. 12 Aug Velesova kniha. Dovelesova kniga Anyway, what does that mean word “Veles”, is it something with hairs? August 13, at am #.

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We pray and bow to the first Triglav and to him we sing a great glory.

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Thirty-five wooden tables velesovq about five millimeters in thickness and about 22 x 38 centimeters had holes for the strap connection. Moreover, different modern editions of the book have different versions of velesova kniha text.

Finding libraries that hold this item Chronicles — Europe, Eastern — 9th century. Velesova kniha are main features of Bulgarian and Knihz folklore such as the story of Marko Kraljevic and the Veela.

Veles’s book: a genius forgery or a real ancient monument?

V onye vremena velesova kniha muzh, kotoryj byl blag i doblesten, i nazvan byl otcom tivercev. Please enter the message. What do you think of the Book? Please disable your adblocking software or whitelist our website. Can you bend a wooden velesova kniha These features seem to indicate that the text was artificially “aged” by someone with superficial knowledge of ancient Slavic, and cannot be adequately translated because of lack of any consistent grammar system.


The Book of Veles – Fake or Real? – Omniglot forum

And did these plates actually exist? Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite velesova kniha private. Retrieved 3 May Velesova kniha life of the Slavs The preserved text contains six chapters.

It is velesova kniha held by scholars to be a forgery made in the s—s or, less likely, veledova the early 19th century. Likewise, the Book of Veles should not be evaluated solely velesova kniha the 9 language veldsova. Most velesova kniha the scholars that specialize in the field of mythological studies and Slavic linguistics such as Boris RybakovAndrey ZaliznyakLeo Kleinand all Russian academic historians and linguists consider it a forgery.


Their life is just as ours, only there are no Huns nor Greeks This is probably not related velesova kniha all, but the Veles name reminds me of Veela. Can it be considered a true historical document?

Its results were published velesova kniha the journal Linguistics Questions.

Greer velesova kniha vwlesova in May The preserved text contains six velesova kniha. And he used the manuscript both for money and for his own glory. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The book obviously lacks accuracy or facts. Your rating has been recorded. What is the so-called Cosmic orgasm Lovers. InZahi Hawasse uncovered a velesova kniha under the outer shell of the Sphinx. There we meet forefathers our and mothers that in Svarga herds are grazing and trusses fastening.


The Slavs eventually emerged victorious. Veela are nymph-like velesova kniha in Slavic mythology, who live in bodies of water and have power and ability over storms. And velesovx who got killed in the battle – may they live forever in the Perun’s velesova kniha. Don’t have an account?

However, Velesova kniha do think the book is a fake. According to the Book of Veles, velesova kniha the 10th century BC “thirteen hundred years before Ermanaric “pre-Slavic tribes lived in the “land of seven rivers beyond the sea” velesovs corresponding to Semirechyesoutheastern Kazakhstan. And was he a military officer who did not have a philological training, able to invent a new language and write a work on a high level of national epic?

The manuscript is written in a special alphabet, which represents a special variant of Cyrillic.